Great Gifts Under $10: Kids & Teens

We have gifts for all ages and price range this holiday season at Whimsy. Today we want to share with you a variety of gifts for kids for under $10. There are a lot of great hands on options to keep your kids busy over the holidays. From car rides to snow days. The ideas below will be a hit for kids this Christmas.

  • Spark Science in a Flash kits: ($9.99) We have two science kits in stock. You can create a mini volcano or be a fingerprint detective.

  • Ooze Labes: ($5.50) We have 5 options of Ooze Labs. Hot Ice Crystals, Glitter Slime, Glow in the Dark Slime, Hypercolor Slime and Magic Sand.

  • Globby: ($6.50) Globby is a stress toy, a fidget, whatever you need, all we know is you won’t want to put him down.

  • Needoh: ($3.50) The Groovy Glob to Squish, Touch, Squeeze and Pinch.

  • Aaron’s Thinking Putty: ($3.50) We have mini tins in a variety of colors and features that make the perfect stocking stuffer.

  • Playfoam Pals ($4.99) and Playfoam Pods ($1.50): Better than play dough, these little balls stick together for you to form and sculpt and the Pals have a fun toy hidden inside the foam.

  • Melissa & Doug Sketch Pad ($3.99), Mini Sketch Pad ($2.99) and Ooly Doodle Pad ($3.99): These sketch pads are great for all ages that want to draw, color and create.

  • Washable Stamp Markers: ($3.99) We only have a few of these left, but we have an order of more great markers, pencils, colors and more coming soon to fill your stockings at a great price.

  • Stickers: ($1.99) Add a little fun to the doodle and sketch pads with stickers.

  • Recorder & Harmonica ($5.99) We think these are the perfect gifts for your favorite kids (as long as they don’t live in your house. . .)

  • Tiny Tin Tops: ($1.99) Tops make a perfect little addition to a kids gift or stocking.

  • Whoopee Cushion: ($1.99)

  • Juggling Balls: ($7.99)

  • Balloon Animals Kit: ($4.50) A great kit for kids to learn the art of Balloon Animals

  • Magic Rabbit Magic Sets: ($3.50) Simple Magic Tricks for Kids

  • Beaker Creatures Reactor Pod: ($5.50) Kids love these fun new Beaker Creatures. Each pod has a mystery creature inside the pod. All it takes is water to watch a reaction and discover what creature is inside.

  • Create-a-Scene Magnetic Sets: ($9.99) These make a great activity for the car. We have four different scenes to choose from.

  • Stitch by Color: ($6.99) An introduction to sewing project

  • Bookmark Party Pack: ($4.99) There are 12 bookmarks in this scratch art activity pack so it is perfect for a group project.

  • Shrinkies: ($9.99) Do you remember Shrinky Dinks? This fun kit helps you create 16 shrinkies that can be made into jewelry.

  • Dinosaurs Coloring Set: ($9.99) This set comes with a carrying kit containing markers, sticker sheets and coloring sheets.

  • Water Wows: ($5.50) Perfect for the car, church, etc. This non-messy activity can be used over and over for creative fun for little ones.

  • Plus Plus Tubes: ($6.99) Hands on building with instructions to create animals, dinosaurs, fantasy creatures and more.

  • Chunky Puzzles: ($9.99) These wooden puzzles are great first puzzles and the sturdy pieces can also be played with off of the puzzle.

  • Reusable Sticker Pad: (4.99) For a great price your kids can play with these stickers sheets again and again. They can stick the stickers to the scenes and change them for hours of fun.

  • Seek & Find Sticker Pad and Foil Coloring Pad: ($4.99) Another wonderful product from Melissa & Doug at a great price.

  • Make-a-Face and Make-a-Meal Sticker Pads : ($4.99)

  • Holiday Activity Books, Coloring Books & Everyday Activity Books and More: ($4.95-$9.95)

  • Pens, Markers & More: We have a variety of Notebooks, Pens and Pencils available at Whimsy

  • Bath Bombs: ($7.00) A hit for all ages!

We can’t forget are tweens and teens. We have a lot of great jewelry, slippers, board games and more! But, here are a few ideas for under $10.00.

  • Goat’s Milk Hand Lotion ($3.99) & Lip Balm ($3.99): Perfect for the pencil bag, purse or car.

  • Cable Bites: ($5.99) This is great stocking stuffer for any kids & adults that have iPhone cords that like to fray.

  • Shower Bursts: ($5.00) From cold & flu to clarity we have scents for all different needs to make the shower smell divine.

  • Phone Mirror: (5.99)

  • Hair Coils: ($5.99) These hair coils are the coolest to throw your hair up without a bump later.

  • Man Bar: ($6.99)

  • Man Lotion: ($9.50)

  • Car Coasters: ($4.99)

  • Games Room Games: ($9.99)

  • Olivina Lip Balm ($4.50), Body Wash ($4.99) & Deodorant ($8.99)

  • Hot Chocolate: ($1.99)

  • Satin Sleep Scrunchies: ($9.99)

  • Hair Ties: ($8.50)

  • Pura Vida Bracelets: ($6.00)

  • Candy: ($.50-$7.99)

Fun Socks are a great tradition to start with your kids of all ages. We have a lot of really fun options at Whimsy on Main. Stop by and check them out today.

Above there are a lot of great ideas for under $10 and in the store we have so many more ideas for kids and adults.