Spooky Books for October Reading

It is starting to cool off and chilly days make us want to curl up under a warm blanket and read. With October right around the corner, we decided it was a great time to have a Book Sale. The remainder of the month of September we are offering 30% off of ALL BOOKS that we have in stock at Whimsy (this excludes our books that we ordered in, for example: The Wonky Donkey).

We wanted to take some time to highlight a few great book options for kids and teens that are perfect for October.

For the little ones:


A favorite from our library when our kids were little was the Five Little Pumpkins. Now we have a new option for you with Five Little Pumpkins Came Back. This rhyming board book is halloween fun that is not too spooky for your little one. Fancy Nancy: Nancy’s Ghostly Halloween is another great book for your Fancy Nancy fan. Don’t Push the Button! is a favorite book at Whimsy and now there is a Halloween edition with Don’t Push the Button! A Halloween Treat.


Another favorite series for little ones is the “How to Catch a…” series. How to Catch a Monster helps you find out if you are brave enough to catch him? Parents and children will love sharing this fun and inventive picture book, which reminds us that things aren't always as scary as they seem.

Early Readers:

We have some great options for early readers in our I Can Read spinner.


Level 1 and Level 2 books are great for beginning readers. We have some new titles and a couple of classics filled with humor and spookiness for the season.

Beginning Chapter Books:

The next step after early readers are beginning chapter books. We have a lot in the store but I wanted to share a few in the theme of Monsters, Magic and Halloween.


All three of the above books are part of different series. A wonderful thing about a series is getting kids hooked on one and then they have a lot of options for future reading.

Middle and Upper Elementary Chapter Books:


R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books are perfect for October spooky reading. We have two books from this series in stock at Whimsy. The Headless Ghost is the one of the newest books published in the Goosebumps series. Please Do Not Feed the Weirdo is another rather new book in the Goosebumps Slappyworld series. Two awesome picks for Halloween reading for middle elementary.


Ghost story fans, if you have not read anything by Mary Downing Hahn, you are missing out. Mary Downing Hahn was a favorite author of kids when we were elementary librarians. Took and One for Sorrow and her newest published The Girl in the Locked Room are ghost stories that young readers who like a taste of scary stories will love.


When I picked up A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but the story of a secret society of Babysitter’s that fight monsters and keep kids safe turned out to be a fun, entertaining read that I think kids will throughly enjoy. The second book, Beasts & Geeks, in this action packed adventure series was published this summer. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I am sure I will enjoy it just as much as the first book. This is not a series for girls just because it is Babysitter’s, boys will love this series, too.

Upper Elementary & Middle School:

I am including upper elementary in this set of books, too. Good readers will be able to read these books and the content is appropriate for both age levels. I don’t like to get caught up on reading levels. I believe that kids need to explore and discover books that they love to read. Sometimes this means that they will read below their level. If kids are reading, I think that is what we should focus on.


This two book series of The Supernormal Sleuthing Service, The Lost Legacy and The Sphinx’s Secret is Monstrous Fun! Three kids and a hotel full of monsters will hook readers that love fantasy books.


Bad Magic and Bad Luck are books 1 and 2 in a great magical series with danger, adventure, mischief, and mystery by Pseudonymous Bosch. What would it be like if all of your teachers were monsters? You think your school is scary? Check out Scary School by Derek the Ghost and Scott M. Fischer.


The Storymakers series takes classic fairytales and gives them a few twists and turns for older kids. Spelled, Wanted and Banished are all about Fairytale survival.


Here are a few more middle school random good reads for October. In the book Wizards of Once from the bestselling author Cressida Cowell of the How to Train Your Dragon series brings us a book where Wizards and Warriors collide. She has a second book in this series coming out in October. Charmed is the first book in the Fairy Tale Reform School series. Another fun book of fairy-tale fun. The House with a Clock in the Walls was just released in theaters, but we all know, the book is always better than the movie. This book has a magic, but also great themes of friendship and family. Sea Witch was just released this summer. I had the opportunity to read this before it was released and it was a very interesting read about the iconic Sea Witch from the Little Mermaid. This book kept me guessing until the end.


The Apprentice Witch is magic and courage in the world of witches where one young witch flunks her assessment and thinks she is doomed. Newly release A Witch Alone is the second book in this series that offers more challenges for young witch Arianwyn. This is a great series for middle grade readers.

Young Adult:

Fantasy is my genre of choice and I love YA, even as an adult. Here are a few spooky, magical favorites for October.


When I picked up this series, A New Darkness, The Dark Army and The Dark Assassin to read, I didn’t realize that there was a whole huge series (13 books) that happened before this 3 book series. It is a little different take on my usual witch as the good guy series. In this series, the witches are bad and the Spook has to protect the people from all different forms of evil. I didn’t need to read The Last Apprentice series first but I have gone back and started to read them now. A new series for a little bit older Harry Potter fans.


Bestselling author Sally Green published The Smoke Thieves, an epic new fantasy series in May. A princess, a soldier, a hunter, a thief and a servant all have their lives collide over a stolen bottle of Dragon Smoke. This is on my to be read list and it has a sequel coming out in May 2019.


When one girl’s best friend is her dead brother’s ghost, romance can be tricky. Invisible Ghosts is a little different twist on the spooky October theme. In this book, all Rose knows is that it’s becoming harder to choose between the boy who makes her feel alive and the brother she isn’t ready to lose. Teen Romance and Ghosts meet in this Summer 2018 release.


And we couldn’t finish an October book suggestion list without including Harry Potter. If you have read the series and loved it, have you read the screenplays for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child or Fantastic Beasts? They are both definitely worth the read and the illustrated editions of the books that have been released are a perfect addition to your Harry Potter Collection. We also just got in the Scratch Magic Hidden Creatures Fantastic Beasts edition!

So hurry into Whimsy on Main Friday and Saturday, September 28 and 29, 2018, for Huge Savings on Books. Get 30% off ALL BOOKS in stock!